Multiparameters Monitor, Emergency, Oximeters, Temperature, Ventilators etc. 


X-Ray, C-Arm, Digital Cassettes for X-Ray, Dry Film Printers, Chemical Film Processors. etc 


Centrifuges, CO2 Incubators, Blood Cell Counter, Ovens, Microscopes, etc,


Instruments, Micro Turbines, Oven, High Class Chairs, Vacuum, Compresors, etc.  


ECG, Desfibrillator, Vascular Dopler, Cardiac Ultrasound, EEG Accesories and Cables. 


Insuline Syringes, Gral Syringes, Gloves all kinds, Catheters, Balloons, Gowns, etc. 

A Wide variety of
Ultrasound Equipments

Top Brands Ultrasound Equipments with the best prices you can get.


Thermal Printers

Sony, Mitsubishi. the best on thermal printers, We also have alternatives of conventional inject printer.

Ultrasound Probes

All Brands are here, GE, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Siemens, etc.
Original and Compatibles with less price.

Thermal Paper HD/HG

Originals and Compatible with the best quality you can get at good price.

Ultrasound Gel

The basic need of Gel with non sticky properties and less cost.

Necessary Tools and Equipments for:
Biomedical Engineers & Electromedicine Technicians

Select Your:

Umbeaten Prices for big needs.

Endoscopes & Accesories

Laparoscopes Systems, Arthroscopes Sets, Flexible Endoscopes, Cystoscopes, Laparoscopy Instrumentation, Rigid Laparoscopy Units, Light Sources, CO2 Insuflators, Video Processors, etc, All.

Orthopedic Products

Wide variety of orthopedic Products and related

Locking Plates, Nailings, Mesh System, Instrumentation, Canulated Screw, Prostesis, Fixators, Orthopedic Instruments, Implant Instruments, DHS DSC Sets and Tools, Power Tools, ...more

XRay Consumables | Accesories | Equipments

Get your Quote:

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Equipments and Consumables.
Mindray, Minolta, Leica, StatFax, Biobase, Coulter, etc 

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